Insurtech is the next big thing! Did you know that Insurtech’s market size is projected to reach USD 172.6 billion by 2030?

Technology has resolved the cumbersome strategies and helped the insurance industry grow by leaps and bounds. Insurtech is a game-changer as it helps businesses offer seamless insurance services!

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Key Takeaways / Points of Discussion

  • The rise of fintech, changing consumer behavior, and advanced technologies disrupting the insurance industry
  • How fintech is transforming the insurance industry
  • The fintech revolution in insurance
  • How Insurtech leverages modern technology solutions
  • Role of Insurtech in the elevating consumer experience
  • How Insurtech helps in seamless risk mitigation, underwriting, & contract execution
  • AI/ML, automation, and IoT disrupting innovation in Insurtech
  • Insurtech vs. Traditional Insurance
  • Role of Insurtech in corporate insurance – Personal vs. corporate insurance


Chiranth Patil

Co-Founder at Riskcovry

Mr. Chiranth Patil is Co-founder & Director, of Riskcovry. With a mission to transform the insurance sector in the digital era, Chiranth with his team at Riskcovry is reimaging insurance distribution for insurers and distributors alike. He’s also associated as a Co-founder at BetaPlus Capital Partners, where they support early-stage startups in an angel capacity. His forte lies in business strategy, analysis and startup growth. With more than a decade at the helm of established organizations like Gito, Deloitte, and MEDICI Global, Chiranth is a pillar of the insurance industry as a whole.