From opening an account in minutes to using a digital card for online and in-store purchases, neo-banking gives you the power to bank on your own terms.  

With Neobanking, individuals and small businesses can access financial services that were previously unavailable, enabling growth & success.

Dr. Jasmin B Gupta, Co-founder & CEO of LMXE, India’s first neo-banking platform exclusively for women, is sharing her insights on ‘Neobanking: A game-changer in financial services’, where she will discuss neobanking’s impact on the future of financial services.

Key Points of Discussion: 

– The increasing adoption of neobanking and its impact on traditional banking institutions across the globe.

– How neobanking is making banking services more accessible for the underbanked and unbanked population.

– The role of fintech startups in driving the growth of neo-banking in India.

– The use of technology, such as AI and ML, in neo-banking to enhance customer experience.

– The increased security and fraud prevention measures being implemented by neo-banking startups in India.

– The potential of neobanking to drive economic empowerment for women and marginalized communities in India.

– The potential of neobanking to support small businesses and entrepreneurs in India.


Dr. Jasmin B Gupta

Co-founder & CEO of LMXE

Dr. Jasmin B Gupta is a fintech luminary with nearly two decades of expertise in the field. As the co-founder and CEO of India’s first financial platform for women, Jasmin is leading the charge to make LXME the country’s premier neo-bank for women. With a triple Gold Medal in MBA and a PhD in Financial Inclusion and Digitization, Jasmin possesses a wealth of knowledge in customer & digital banking, strategic fintech alliances and is a top-performing banker. Jasmin’s initiatives have won several awards and accolades for her work including Top 100 BFSI Gamechanger CXO 2022, Young CEO of the Year, and Fintech Leader of the Year 2022 among others.