Key points of discussion:

  • Reimagining Wealth Management in the digital era with disruptive technologies
  • Challenges in scaling WealthTech solutions
  • Forecasting the future of WealthTech and the Trends for  2023
  • Building technologies for the future with AI, ML & Data Science
  • How does customer’s increased awareness of finance impact the business?
  • Measuring ROI in assets, specifically digital assets


Puneet Gupta

Co-Founder at kaleidofin

Puneet is a Co-founder at Kaleidofin, a fintech platform that propels under-banked customers towards meeting their real-life goals by providing intuitive and tailored financial solutions. He believes that the power of technology can be harnessed to amplify the role financial services can play in the lives of customers. Kaleidofin has partnered with over 50 financial institution partners that collectively reach out to over 20 million customers.