Every start-up journey begins with an idea that eventually becomes a reality. This is the basic definition we all know.

But what goes behind this mammoth of a journey? How does an entrepreneur kick-start their vision with the resources they have at hand?

Anik Jain, Co-Founder of Funngro, is giving a fascinating and much-needed masterclass on ‘Start-up 101: Bootstrapping your way up’, in which he will tell us everything we need to know on how to launch and sustain a bootstrapping start-up.

Key points of discussion for the event

  • The advantages, challenges, and best practices for bootstrapping a start-up.
  • How to make the best use of the resources we have at hand?
  • What does bootstrapping a start-up involve?
  • The journey of an entrepreneur
  • Challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the Indian start-up ecosystem
  • Bootstrapping vs. Fundraising – which is better for your business?


Anik Jain

Co-Founder of Funngro

Anik is a seasoned pro when it comes to building and simplifying businesses. His 21 years of industry experience working across organizations such as Symbo, Marsh, Mahindra Insurance Brokers, Reliance Life, and ICICI Lombard is a savior for budding start-ups right from their ideation phase. His new venture, Funngro, enables teens to kick-start their journey by working with real companies while learning and earning along the process. In addition to development strategy, he is versed in leading organizational transformation, handling P&L, leading sales teams, and managing various departments.