Digitalization is fast changing the world around us, and also changing the prominent faces. More specifically, the millennial generation is coming into its own all around the world, and online trading is just one of the sectors that is transforming to cater to these young investors. Stock trading was often one of the most popular options for beginners trading. However, today, with the enormous diversity in choices available, Mobile Trading is changing the Face of Online trading. Through this kind of trading, users purchase the ‘option’ to purchase a certain amount of stock at a predetermined date in the future. Our speaker, Shiv Sharma, is the Vice President at Stocktwits, one of the world’s largest social communities of investors and traders.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Indian venture capital ecosystem is phenomenal, and the market opportunities are also extremely large.
  • When it comes to investments and trading, fundamental analysis tells you ‘What to buy’ whereas technical analysis tells you ‘When to buy.’
  • Investing in small-cap companies is worth the effort. It is easier for small-cap companies to double their revenue when compared to other large companies.
  • Stocks should be owned where institutional ownership is increasing, not decreasing.
  • The next generation will have more investors and financial influencers when compared to traders.


Shiv Sharma

VP International at Stocktwits

Shiv Sharma is the VP of International & India Head of Stocktwits, one of the world’s largest social communities of investors and traders. Prior to joining Stocktwits, Shiv worked at Amazon Web Services and has nearly ten years of tech investing experience in New York, Silicon Valley, and London. He has worked in venture capital, public equities, private equity, and investment banking. He has seen firsthand the challenges in investing education and is extremely passionate about building tools and communities that help retail investors sharpen their skills.