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Is this the age of AI tools?

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    Pavithra Rajesh

    Nowadays, a wide array of AI tools are available to assist us whenever we hit a wall, and some of these tools have even become integrated into our daily routines. For instance, Github helps developers streamline code management, Notion facilitates workspace organization, and Zapier automates various tasks. These tools, plus many others, are making a significant impact on many businesses, particularly startups. 

    And fintech industries are also hopping into the AI bandwagon. 

    What is your perspective on these AI tools, and how do you find them helpful in your day-to-day work?
    Feel free to share some of your favorite tools you use regularly.

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      Definetely AI will rule next decade. Example : chat gpt

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      Yes this is the age of AI.
      But as with any new development, the birth of AI also seem to have a fair set of pros and cons.
      If you ask me whether it makes it easier to finish tasks quickly, my answer is unquestionably yes.
      Yet, AI falls short when it comes to challenging one’s creative flow and as someone just stepping into the industry, the fear of AI taking over jobs is definitely there. 
      But I feel if we use it to our advantage, AI’s can be our best friends.

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