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    Bhuvaneshwari R

    The toughest step is when the idea has to move to the implementation part.

    When it comes to a startup, a little support can help them reach a long way. Starting out from an MVP, pitching your ideas, or looking out for investments, all that counts is the step you want to take forward.

    But at the end of the day, all startups would appreciate a little guidance. What if you can have an opportunity to attend a Masterclass by an industry veteran to bootstrap your way up?

    And here you go! Tether Community’s upcoming event offers the very same.

    Presenting ‘Start-up 101: Bootstrapping your way up’ an exclusive masterclass by Anik Jain, Co-founder of Funngro explaining his hands-on experience with startups, entrepreneurship, and a lot more.

    Register for their event here – https://tether.community/event/start-up-101-bootstrapping-your-way-up/

    Did you know they also host countless benefits? – Discover more here – https://tether.community/

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